Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Report 061810

Goal: Am workout. PM Swim, eat healthy.

Results: Swam 750m in 26 minutes. (before you call it slow see below, and kiss my ass)

Diet Setbacks: two cokes, hamburger and fires.

Thoughts: Another night of no sleep so ate comfort food and missed my am workout. My swim after work started at a crossfitt WOD. I swam 200m doing resistance drills to warm up. This whore me out so when I started my work sets I was a little slow. Swam a four minute set and then a two minute break. Swam a five minute set and then took a two minute break. I started the six minute set and then the lifeguard announced they would be closing early my time was about 19 minutes at this time so I just swam non-stop until they told me to get out. I really only had  21 minutes of actual swimming and that included my resistance drills. Now I hope that sounds a little better.

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