Thursday, June 24, 2010

Take Two

Last night I was having a a little trouble falling asleep so I decided it was a good time to go throw a wrench on my new bike. I adjusted the cant on my seat to slightly up, moved it .25 inch forward, raised the seat a half centimeter. I also reset the bike computer, as best I could figure out using google on my blackberry, and adjusted the rear breaks. Good news, there is a fine tuning screw; it is just in different place that on a MTB. That is exciting to me. I like to have my brakes tight, I do not use them a lot so when I need to I want them to respond quickly.

This morning I set out to ride for 30 minutes just to check my adjustments and acclimate to a road bike. I tried not stray too far from home since it was early and dark. Don't worry I have a flashing red LED attached to my butt! I ended up riding 27 minutes and 5 miles on the head per my computer, ending right back at my driveway. I hit a top speed of 15mph and avg of 10.1. I hit one MAJOR hill, and stopped at 4 intersections. My speed is still slower than my goal. I was averaging 11 mph on my mtb so I was hoping that the road bike would bump me up to 12-15. I have a goal of at least 15 mph average.  This way I can finish a sprint ride in around an hour.

Still having a few problems:

  • The largest problem is my hands cramping and it makes me readjust every few minutes,
  • still haven't found a comfortable hand position that lets me feel I have good control either,
  • shifting is worrisome as I have to stop pedaling and take a hand of my already shaky bars to do it,
  • climbing still seems harder on this than my mtb often getting passes my old women using walkers, and
  • now after changing the cant on my seat I have a little too much pressure on my "undercarriage" but I can probably fix that.
All in all, it was an improvement but is it was still like do that thing I referenced last time for the second time;  a little longer, little less awkward, but still feels like I am doing something wrong.  As always, any help is appreciated.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would take it to your LBS and pay the $50 or what ever they charge to get fitted to it. I think this will help correct some of your problems.

aquabikes- the reason why I been doing them is that I am injured and cant run for 6-8 weeks, so either A) i dont race at all (ya right) or B) do aquabikes, get you race fix and not have to worry about getting more injuried on the run.

So I picked B, so I could race. Excellent race if you are injuried or cant run. I highly recommend it, and since there are not alot of aquabikers, you end up becomes friends with alot of them.

Luke said...

They half way fitted me on the trainer when I was there but I didn't have shoes yet, so they told me I could come back. It's out of town so at the moment I am making adjustments as needed so I can ride and will get back out there when I can. they actually were doing it for free since I had the bike serviced there and bought my cleats there.

I understand about the aquabike now, I had looked at some duathlon before getting a bike for the sake of still being able to compete. Maybe once I am a little better rider I will try one, since running is probably my worst area anyways. Seems like a decent way to work on the other and see how I fall in with more experienced athletes while I work on my running.

Caratunk Girl said...

Ha - I am laughing about you saying the old ladies in walkers were passing you...

I find the more I ride, the better rider I am, the stronger I am - so things get easier. With climbing, I had such a hard time for a long time. Then I just decided to get better I had to climb more. I am still not a great climber, but I am better than I was before. SO keep at it, maybe do a few hill repeats on a hill close to home. You will get stronger.

As for the hands, like BDD said, get the fit, I bet it will help - sounds like you plan to I just read your comment back.

Keep it up, you are doing awesome - you will be able to do that sprint ride at your goal pace if you keep training.