Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Goal: Am run, eat healthy (with incentive)

Results: pm run- 1.92 miles in 23 minutes

Diet setbacks: 20oz Coke

Thoughts: In terms of goals, this has not been a bad day but I do not have good thoughts about it. Tomorrow is my wife's birthday and one of her birthday activities is going to a midnight showing of Eclipse tonight. I swear she is not 15 years old. I am not really looking forward to the movie or all the people, but I am looking forward to POPCORN and SODA (or pop if you'd like), so this has been my motivation to eat extra clean all day. I stuck to lean proteins, good carbs, and the like but I had to sneak the soda. Right after I got my lunch out of the fridge the shift lieutenant volentold me to go assist in another area of the prison. I was away from my office and my lunchbox for two hours and not knowing when I'd get to go back I grabbed a coke after the first hour to tide me over.

The combination of being sleepy and my legs hurting led to  postponing my run to lunch. Due to the above situation I didn't get to make it at lunch. When I got home I finally got it done. This was the most disconcerting part of my day. I have chosen my new training plan (which I will discuss in a separate post) and this plan calls for heart rate zone training. I ran trying to keep my heart rate between 144 and 154 per my plan. This resulted in me running just faster that 12 minute miles and feeling like it was more of a shuffle than a run. Yesterday I wrote about my long run feeling slow, this is even slower!! I am now trying to figure out if I should push harder and long as I feel comfortable or should I back off and stay in my zones? I am searching for articles on the subject. Anyways, time to go get dinner (I have already planned it and know it is healthy so it won't be a setback) and then it's off to the movies.

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