Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily report 06/24/10.... which actually ended 0400 on 06/25/10

Goals: AM bike ride (just for fun), lunchtime core workout, PM Swim class, PM run.

Results: 5 mile bike ride.

Diet setbacks: lean protein until early afternoon and then nothing until my 0300 trip to burger king.

Thoughts: the day started out very smooth, up at 0500 for a bike ride. Still trying to acclimate myself to the new bike. Then off to work after some egg whites and water. After a few hours at work I had a grilled chicken breast and another a few hours after that. Right about the time for me to have my last snack and protein shake of the work day I got tapped. In a prison when there is a problem, any trained staff can be tasked to it, and so it happened. Around 3pm I was asked by the shift captain to take a trip to the emergency room transporting a sick inmate. We arrived at the hospital just after five where we stayed until relieved shortly after 0300. Clearly, this interrupted my swim class and run. I also never got in my lunch workout because I forgot my gym bag for the 5th day in a row.

I often say that I feel like earned the right to eat crap after a hard workout, but yesterday after running for over 20 hours on only about 300 calories, I could have eaten my partner and not thought once about it. We both had the same thought when we were relieved...WHERE'S FOOD?!? We pulled in every fast food joint with a drive through on our way back to the facility, just to see if they were taking orders and after 20 minutes we found one. EUPHORIA. Needless to say I had no problem sleeping last night. I even got back up and am at work on time. With 10 hours overtime from yesterday alone, plus overtime from the rest of the week, plus only planning to work a half day today anyways, they told me to go home as soon as I finish my email.

I was planning a half day today because I am speaking at a summer camp today for community service, but now I must decided if I am going get my run in or nap and a run, or just a nap before my speaking engagement (sounds fancy!!). This also throws a kink in my plan because I had planned to have my wife drop off my props and materials at the camp this morning and then ride my bike there this afternoon, but getting home so late prevented me from putting my stuff together and I waited to the literal last minute to get out of bed this morning.



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wait till you sign up for a 70.3 or 140.6 race, you will be eating 24/7/365 and I am not joking, its crazy how hungry the training makes you.

Molly said...

I don't know why I know this, but if you get the grilled chicken sandwhich without mayo at BK, it only has 9 grams of fat.