Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Goals: Lunchtime core workout, pm swim/run brick, eat healthy.

Results: I got it all in. Lunchtime I did week two, day one (column three) of the 200 sit up challenge and the 100 push up challenge. I also did some bench press, 160lbs, and squats, 200lbs, for maintenance. In the evening I swam 750 meters in 23 minutes and rode 9.2 miles in 46 minutes.

Diet Setbacks: NONE!!! I filled my day with vegetables and lean proteins. After my brick workout I made myself a banana split with sugar free frozen yogurts. No chocolate or any other condiments.

Thoughts: This was a very good day!!!! During my swim I completed the first 400m crawl, did 100m breast stroke, and then the last 250m crawl. The first 400m were the farthest I had ever swam crawl non-stop. For my ride I did part of the course the local print triathlon uses. I am feeling better about shifting in terms of knowing when to change gears, still want to change shifters. I have lots of hills to work with but am still only going about 4-5mph uphill. During the rest of the ride I average 12 mph and even maxed out during one nice flat section at 28mph. Overall, I am showing marked improvements in both swin and cycle. I do not feel I have gotten any better just more comfortable, but regardless it is very motivating to see improvements. Hopefully my run will improve over time too. The only problem I had for the day is development of pain in my neck and back between my shoulder blades during my ride. After looking at pictures of other riders postures I think that my stem is too long and is leaving me to stretched out. This may explain the hand cramps too if I am putting all my weight on my hands. Once I have my bike fitting (maybe Thursday) maybe they can tell me a little better. Unfortunately, I do not have an adjustable stem do to the age of my bike so I will have to see what the cost of a replacement stem/spacer combo is.


Patrick said...

Luke, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Just spent some time reading up on some of your posts here. I like the title of your blog and can relate. Back in my 20's I weighed in around 220-230 on average and was quite active. I may have weighed less if I had eaten better back then, but history is just that. When I stopped being so active, 220 crept up to 320 over the course of a couple of decades.

You are way more active than I am right now even though I am out there 5-6 times a week getting some form of sweating in. It'll be interesting to follow on in the challenges you have for yourself.

Michelle said...

Congrats on meeting all your goals today! I love the good days.

Emz said...

way to go. Seriously. . . "Diet Setbacks: NONE!!! " ????? Man, I need to do better - thanks for the reminder. ;)