Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend in Review

After the 20 hour shift, four hours off, and then return to work for a few hours I was finally able to go home. After a quick nap I got a chance to participate in one of the lifelong highlights of my life- teaching karate. Using some of my paid community service leave from work I did a favor to a local camp director (my wife) and came and talked to some some children about history of the martial arts, weapons, when it is appropriate to fight, broke some boards, and then taught the kids ho to break a (rebreakable) board.

After I was done and camp was over, I was invited to a week end staff dinner and pool party. I had brought my bike with me so I left my truck and equipment with my wife and rode the 8.25 miles to where dinner was being held. I did this in 43 minutes and was pleased. This was not a flat ride as I live in the North Carolina foot hills. I am happy because I am feeling more comfortable on the bike. I still have hand cramps and shifting is shaky but this will be resolved in time (after a replacement of the shifters). It was great when i got there to float in the pool. This is the first time in as far back as I can remember being in a pool for other than training.

This is my planned rest day and I usually do yard work and then clean the house. I actually delayed my real work, rested, and ate an omelet. Then I got sick and never made it to do any cleaning or yard work.

My day's plan was to do a medium run in the morning and in the afternoon some speed work. Up with the crack of dawn to beat the heat and .9 miles into the workout I realized I was still sick and went back to the house. Later in the afternoon I tried again but changed it to a long run. I ran for 60 minutes and completed 5.75 miles. I had mixed emotions about my run. I understand the basic concept of long slow distance runs, but I never feel good afterwards. I love logging large numbers of mile, but when I do these runs I never feel like I am not working hard enough. I know that if I push harder I won't finish, but since my running is so slow normally; if I slow down for a long run I feel like I am walking. Clearly, at 10 minute miles I am not walking but it just feels like I should be pushing harder. I also forgot my bodyglide and was miserable later. Any tips on long runs is much appreciated and is it normal for my core to hurt afterwards (next day)?

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