Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daily Report

Daily Report 061210

Goal: AM workout, Mow lawn, healthy eating

Results: Completed a crossfit workout from a few days back first thing in the morning. Five sets of 5 reps deadlift. 225 lbs, 200 lbs, 150 lbs, 150 lbs, 150 lbs.After that I did 35 sit ups on a declined bench. Mowed lawn. In the late afternoon I also swam 3- 7 minute intervals for distance a crossfit endurance workout from a few days back. 350m, 275m, 375m.

Diet Setbacks: McDonald's bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

Thoughts: Mowing the lawn at my house is no easy feat. Per my calculations if I mow my entire lawn with the 22 inch push mower that I use, then I have walked 2.5 miles. Also consider that this isn't just walking it is also pushing the mower on un-level ground. In today's case I think I worked off my biscuit.

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