Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Generosity and the gift that keeps giving.

I have discussed in the past that I had planned to start competing in one sprint tri per month starting last march, but life got in the way of buying the bike I saved for.  Last week sometime my boss, Mr. Dollar, was discussing some of the things that have effected his health over the years. He mentioned that when he was competing in triathlons he was in top shape and had no problems. I was very excited because I have only known one person in the past who did them. I told him about how I thought I was going to begin with them this year, but had the bike issue. On Friday he took me and my partner out too lunch and afterwards he needed to stop by his house to pick up his meds. when we got there there was an old road bike sitting outside. He told me that although did need his meds, he wanted to pick up the bike so that I could have it with the condition that I not turn around and sell it and maybe someday give it to someone else who wants to break in the sport. I was happy.

Saturday I dropped it off at a LBS, not the one I wrote about earlier, I'm not going back there. Yesterday after the doctor's office I went to pick it up. After having the the wheels trued, tubes replace, cables replaced, and fixing a stripped screw on the rear de It was time to take it home for a ride.  Just then I thought to myself "self, do I need different cleats?", So I asked and in fact I do. So I bought those too considering the other option was to put my crankbrothers pedals on it and the mechanic advised against it. Then I sought advice for putting them on my shoe since they looked so different. I had no idea that tri, road, and mtb shoes were so different. The cheapest set of road shoes were $80 which is out of my price range after having the bike worked on (and buying some dive equipment last weekend and driving out of town to this bike shop). I am now excited but need some shoes.

This is my bike a 1998 Kona with a custom paint job, (because dollar thought the colors were too girly), mavic wheels, specialized tires, shimano 105 cranks, and look pedals. The mechanics were impressed by the non adjustable stem and shifters on the down tube. They looked at me and said "exactly how old is this bike"

After I had my nap, I had an ingenious idea. Check craigslist for shoes!! As luck would have it there was a guy listing a bazillion road bike parts and about 10 various size shoes, someone of them NIB. I wanted them bad, so I emailed to see if he would meet me ASAP. At 9:15PM I left home to drive over an hour to go get the shoes. I arrived around 10:30, he brought two pairs and I tried on the closest to my size and paid $20 for a pair of  Specialized road bike shoes. Now I am very excited.

I can not wait to get out and rider her (and she needs a name). There are a few point of concerns first, I have spent about the equivalent between the tune up, cleats, shoes, and gas of two race entry fees. Also in order to go get the shoes last night I had to make the concession of driving my wife's car for the rest of the month since mine takes so much gas. For the eco-freaks mad at the pictures of my bike in a gas guzzling truck, I am all for preserving the environment since I moonlight as a guide, I farm, and spend a huge amount of time outside. When your kid is in the back country with a broken leg and they call me to find him, you will be glad I can drive to the top of mountain and hike down, not park my prius at the bottom and walk up. I digress. I am also concerned about the change in geometry and taking my hands off the bars to shift. I have never ridden a real road bike before, only spin class bikes and my mtb. I can't wait to get outside with her today and see if I can shave some time off my ride. I am very very excited


Kovas Palubinskas said...

That bike reminds me of my daily commuter (to the train station) - a Schwinn Traveller! It looks like someone went all high tech and removed the pie plate from the back wheel though. :) Awesome that you have a bike and ar ready for triathlons!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Holy pin cushions, why arnt your post showing in my reader.

Congrats on the bike, yes you will notice a huge difference