Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily Report 06/23/10

Goals: am run, pm swim, eat healthy.
Results: am run- Lactate workout (from 5 min on, 2.5 minute break, 6 min on, 3 min break, 7 min on. 2.4 miles. PM Swim- 1200 meter swim 35 minutes.
Diet setbacks: Good all day until skittles and mountain dew before bed. I felt I earned it today. Can anyone tell I have a sweet tooth?
Thoughts: Decent day. Run seemed like I didn't push hard enough. I am still looking for a running group. My swim goal was 1000m in 35 minutes. I completed in 27 so I switched strokes, slowed down and kept swimming until I reached 35 minutes. I even raced a guy wearing fins and kept up. The life guards noticed but the guy didn't. My hands and shoulders hurt when I was done, but I felt great!

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