Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Report 061910

Since my PC is down and I am borrowing at my in-laws, this will be short. Today my goal was a 5k time trial. I completed in 30:10 this is almost my goal. I feel it could have been better. I was feeling burn in my calf and legs around the first .5 mile, I think this is due to too much time from my warm until I started or not stretching. The course was also very hilly with almost the first mile uphill and I did have to stop at 2 intersections (probably for longer than the 10 seconds I was over) the last mile felt good so I pushed harder. I look forward to trying again. Diving tomorrow for my rest day and looking forward to being back on the computer at work Monday. Note- All of these give aways have put me in a giving mood and I think I may give away some thorlo socks soon. Seems like a fitting give away for me since they are from the town I live in!

Editing note- Sorry for all of the grammatical errors, I was in a hurry and I swear I am not illiterate.

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Molly said...

Those hills sure seem to get in the way when you have a time goal!