Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Report 061410

Goals: AM Run, PM workout (unknown at this time), Healthy Eating

Results: morning run was 3 minute warm up, 30 second sprints and 30 seconds rest, 3 minute cool down. Completed 1.4 miles in 12 minutes. PM 19 minutes of circuit train that I will explain below.

Diet Setbacks: Ate lunch with "the team" (explained below) at a Chinese restaurant  but tried to stay away from fried things. I at pepper chicken and grilled chicken. I don't think that I did too bad.

Thoughts: For those of you who do not know (which would be my two enrolled followers, my silent followers already know) I am a member of the North Carolina Department of Correction Western Region Prison Emergency Response Team. Western Region Pert if you are Company Commander Williams, or just PERT to anyone else in DOC. Once a month we come together for company wide training. This month was our obligatory legal reviews (who you can shoot, who you can't, who you can search, who you can't), Security Threat Group training (prison term for gangs), riot formations, and physical training (PT!).

After a full day of training we completed what the commander called a circle course. I think we should call it around the world. This was a circuit training workout put together in a circle around a cafeteria type room. We spent 60 seconds at a station, ran two laps around the room (about another minute) and proceeded to the next station. There were 10 stations in all; they included mountain climbers, flutter kicks, steam engine (similar to a standing oblique crunch), speed squats, standard push ups, crunches, wide grip push ups, calf raises,  close grip push ups, bicycles, and side straddle hop (jumping jacks). The workout took about 19 minutes per group. It also worked up a very good sweat for the fat kid.

However, it did hit a pet peeve of mine. I am not the least fit guy on the team but I am not the most fit. This is also an organization that should be made of people who are a cut above the rest since we deal with prison emergencies like escapes and riots. I was not impressed with my of my peers who were horse playing or faking the exercises by completing them only when being watched. I may not be able to a minute of every exercises, although I can do for a minute of some, but I at least kept working. For every station I set  goal of reps to complete. If I got tired with an exercises, for instance push ups, I would maintain the up position and then take 5 breaths, I would then complete 5 more reps, and repaeat till the whistle blew. If I am fat and can take this seriously so can the fit guys. I do say thank you to my partner Officer Jeffrey's who gave it 110% and like me kept encouraging others to keep pushing.

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