Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PoolMate from

Ever since two days after I started this blog I have been having trouble keeping up due to my computer catching a virus and going into the shop. Now I am blogging from work and have very limited options such as pictures etc., Despite this speed bump in my routine, I have a personal love for technology incorporated with fitness.

There are a few pieces I even find essential. My personal favorite item is my ipod. I have heard the debate that you should find your own motivation while running and not need music, well I disagree. I have used it for motivations, breaks in boredom and even put it on shuffle and made myself run to the beats of various songs. I even have been using an MP3 player since before ipods.  I also love using my Polar heart rate monitor. great for zone training. Granted I have a 2005 model but it still works. I also use various websites for tracking progress with diet and exercises, including this one and I won't even get into great technology like carbon.

Today while reading an article I stumbled over an link for the Poolmate. I though to myself it could be kind of useful for swim workouts. I often time laps, total time, etc. It even counts your laps! Although not usually racking up more than say 15 laps during a swim, I still often get lost in my count. this would resolve that. On the otherhand, on top of being $99, it reminds me too much of the first (and only!!!) pedometer I ever purchases. This thing would give me extra steps for my backpack moving, going up and down stairs, moving in a rolling chair, etc. It is something I would give a try but not for that price.  I am not sure I faith that it is worth it. Does it work with all strokes? For now I think I will keep track in my head and save my $99 bucks for a race registration.

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