Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. If you are reading this you are probably lost but maybe you'll stick around and have some fun. Maybe even leave a comment. I have created this new blog for several reasons, the first and most important is to hopefully give other overweight/obese men a source of motivation and resources in their fight to become healthy. I also hope to use this as another source of documentation of my workouts and thoughts in order to continue to motivate my change. In addition to listing my workouts I hope to share interesting fitness articles, motivational writing, enter into a variety of competitions and right about a variety of non-traditional sports, personal insights and feelings, and in time gain a decent amount of user feedback.

Now that my purpose is clearly stated I feel I should explain the name. The Super Fatlete is a combination of several concepts. It should be noted that it should not be taken as me seeing myself as a Super Athlete since I am in no way that. I am competitive by nature in almost all things that I do. I have always had a love for sports, but rarely spectator sports, and enjoy competing in order to gauge my abilities against others, to measure areas I can improve, and motivate myself to beat personal records. I rarely enter into a competition thinking I have a chance at winning, but my goal is to finish strong and beat my own expectations. I do this all while being 225 pounds (today), in this body I feel huge but my doctor and and many of my friends disagree. This weight for my height makes me obese per BMI but my doctor thinks I am not Super Fat. Coupling the competitiveness, with love of sports, and 225 pounds of fatty tissue I thought the name Super Fatlete was appropriate (and i couldn't find anyone else using it while fat runner, fat athlete, fat triathlete, and fat cyclist were all taken).

Since I know that I do not have any readers I feel that the next few days will be a great time to discuss my past.  This way one day if I do get readers and they are bored, they can read back to beginning an find out more about me. My plan is to share my growing up over a few installments but before I write the first one I am going to go workout.......

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